Dear Parents,

Sunnyslope Elementary School will be offering an after school pilot program on Thursdays ( students get out at 12:40p.m.). The pilot Master Student program will focus on STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and the essential skills needed to pursue future careers in medicine, engineering, veterinary science, scientific research, computer science. The class will be 45mins on Thursday after school.


  • How to prepare to get into medical school.

  • How to prepare to get into veterinary school.

  • How to prepare to be a scientist

  • How to prepare to be an engineer.

  • The fundamentals of coding.

  • The history of math, how cultures throughout history used math.

  • Chemistry and Atoms: Instructor Dr. Micheal Finnigan (CEO of

Sample Lessons:

  • Welcome to QuantumCamp

  • Self-Paced Course Introduction

  • The Chemical Elements

  • The QuantumCamp Approach

The pilot program will start with 5-10 students. If your student is not chosen during the pilot program, they will be considered for the summer program, and the next school year, no need to register a second time.

Please email the instructor Rodney Bellot at to register your student.

The skills and lessons are exploratory and not high pressure, the classes will be stress free, but fun and exciting.